Kymorphia is derived from the Greek words kýma (wave) and omorfiá (beauty) and also notably contains the word morph (to transform). Our mission is to create open standards and products for advanced music synthesis. Our commitment to sustainability, the environment, and artistic innovation compelled us to register as a Public Benefit Corporation in the state of Colorado and we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics in our business practices.

The Kymorphia Instrument Format is our core open standard, currently under development, which defines a file format and dynamic synthesis model for structured vector Bézier curve based instruments. This advanced synthesis architecture provides a powerful platform for sound and musical instrument design, while simultaneously being straightforward and easy to use. Instruments are constructed as a tree of vector signal wave forms, effects, and controls. One of the many advanced features of this standard is waveform morphing, where a vector waveform can be animated in real time from one form to one or more other forms, providing an additional dimension to sound synthesis. Other advanced features include surround sound support with custom speaker positioning, multi CPU core support, and remote network client/server synthesis. This format provides a level of flexibility which allows instrument designers to create complex musical instruments limited only by available computational resources and makes it easy for musicians to utilize existing instruments for music composition.

We invite you to learn more about our products, including: Alkimiya, our premier instrument designer and software synthesizer application, and Wave One, a dedicated Kymorphia instrument hardware DSP synthesizer and audio interface which is currently in development.