Alkimiya is our premier Kymorphia Instrument editor and software synthesizer suite. This advanced yet intuitive application provides a dynamic synthesis model for music instrument and sound effect design using vector curves. This powerful architecture offers unprecedented flexibility limited only by your PC's resources.

Alkimiya comes in three different editions: Demo Edition, Community Edition, and Power Edition. The Demo and Community Editions are free to use but are significantly feature limited. The Demo Edition is available for Windows and Mac OSX (soon!) users, but lacks instrument save support. The Community Edition is available for Linux only, and has instrument save support as a thank you to the free software community which has made this software possible.

To make full use of Alkimiya, we highly recommend purchasing the Power Edition. Not only does this help support our product development, you will also gain many advanced features, including: unlimited CPU cores, higher quality 64 bit floating point synthesis, up to 8 channel surround sound synthesis, audio sample rates greater than 48 KHz, and more! Purchasing a license for the Power Edition will give you access to installers for all supported operating systems, which you can download at any time, and free updates within the same version series.

Base Features

These features are common to all Alkimiya editions. The Community and Power editions offer additional features as seen in the below Edition Comparison table.

  • Linux, Mac OSX (coming soon!), and Windows supported
  • Dynamic synthesis architecture limited only by computing resources
  • 32 bit floating point synthesis (64 bit supported in Power Edition)
  • Up to 48 KHz audio sample rate (limited only by audio driver in Power Edition)
  • Up to 4 CPU cores supported (unlimited in Power Edition)
  • Up to 16 MIDI channels (unlimited in Power Edition)
  • Filter effects: Low Pass, High Pass, and Band Pass
  • Pseudo random white noise generator
  • Attributes: Time, Pitch, Volume, Signal, Balance, Speakers, Morph, Control
  • Arbitrary Bézier curve waveforms for modulating attributes
  • Morph curves can animate waveforms between two or more states
    • X and Y positions of every waveform control point can be independently morphed
    • Morph effect can itself be modulated by other waveforms
  • Operating System: 64 bit
    • Linux - Ubuntu 18.04+, Fedora, Mint, etc.
    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS X (in development)
  • RAM: 2GB+
  • Storage space: 128MB free
  • CPU: Recent Intel or AMD processor, with 4+ cores recommended
  • SIMD acceleration: AVX2, AVX, and SSE2 supported
Power Edition
Alkimiya Power Edition 0.9.0 for Linux
Alkimiya Power Edition 0.9.0 for Windows
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Purchase Alkimiya for $29 USD
Free Editions
Alkimiya Community Edition 0.9.0 for Linux Alkimiya Demo Edition 0.9.0 for Windows
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Demo EditionCommunity EditionPower Edition
Save Instruments
64 Bit Synthesis
Nag Free
Max SpeakersStereoStereo8 channel surround
Max Sample Rate48 KHz48 KHzUnlimited *
Max MIDI Channels1616Unlimited *
Max CPU Cores44Unlimited *
Operating SystemsOSX, WindowsLinux OnlyLinux, OSX, Windows
CostFreeFree$29 USD

* Limited only by system capability

Milestone 1.0 Progress
Sessions store project preset map and MIDI controller info which is separate from instruments.
For mapping instruments to MIDI note ranges and assigning to MIDI bank:program numbers.
Mixer controls and levels per channel and master speaker outputs. Already supported in synthesizer, needs level monitoring and GUI.
Channel synthesis nodes
Per channel wave node synthesis. Already implemented in synthesizer, needs GUI.
Global synthesis nodes
Per synthesizer wave node synthesis. Already implemented in synthesizer, needs GUI.
MIDI controllers
For mapping MIDI control inputs to effects.
Speaker mapping curves
For defining the spatial positioning of speakers. Already implemented in synthesizer, needs GUI.
Mac OSX Support
Need Mac OSX development environment, sponsor?
Windows plugin support
For Alkimiya integration with other apps.
Mac OSX plugin support
For Alkimiya integration with other apps.
Linux Jack MIDI support
For Alkimiya integration with other apps.