Wave One

Wave One is a Kymorphia Instrument vector synthesizer which is currently in development. This dedicated hardware platform will offer a high level of connectivity options for music composition and audio synthesis.

Used as a standalone device, up to 4 USB MIDI devices can be connected, such as controller keyboards, drum pads, and controller surfaces. Audio output will be provided via balanced and unbalanced analog, digital S/PDIF, and a headphone jack with volume controls.

The USB device port can optionally be connected to a PC for additional functionality and modes. When connected to a PC, Wave One acts as a Kymorphia synthesizer accelerator, freeing up PC CPU resources for other tasks. This mode provides a digital sound interface with input and output stereo channels, as well as a MIDI output interface for notation and control from the PC (in addition to the built-in USB MIDI ports which can also be used). The USB stereo audio output interface provides high quality audio output from applications running on the PC which can be used as a regular audio interface or mixed with the synthesizer output. The USB stereo audio input is a direct capture of the Wave One Kymorphia Instrument Vector Synthesizer, which can be captured and recorded in DAW applications.

Wave One will include a license for the Power Edition of Alkimiya which will provide the ability to seamlessly interface with Wave One for instrument editing/management and MIDI control. When used with Alkimiya, the user interface will be almost identical to using a PC CPU for syntheses, with the advantages of very minimal resource usage and dedicated hardware performance.

For standalone use, Kymorphia Instruments can be loaded directly onto the SD Card or via a USB connection from a PC.

We look forward to releasing this exciting synthesizer product in the near future. Stay tuned for news and updates!

NOTE: The following are preliminary features of a product which is currently in development. Differences with final features and specifications are likely.

  • Dedicated 64 bit floating point Kymorphia Instrument Vector Synthesizer DSP engine
  • Support for over 1000 simultaneous synthesized voices
  • 24 bit PCM and 32 bit floating point USB 2.0 audio interface
  • Support for sample rates of 48 KHz, 96 KHz, and 192 KHz
  • Will be usable as a playback USB audio interface which is mixed into synthesis output
  • Built in flash storage for instrument and session data
  • SD card slot to expand memory capacity and for firmware upgrades
  • Support for USB MIDI from PC USB control connection and up to 4 directly connected USB devices
  • 1/4" headphone jack with volume control
  • Balanced 1/4" TRS and unbalanced RCA analog stereo output with volume control
  • Clipping LED indicator for analog output
  • Dual color (green/red) LED to indicate active synthesis and digital synthesizer clipping
  • Digital audio S/PDIF coax RCA output
  • High performance ARM processor running embedded Linux OS
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux host PC operating systems
  • USB or 12VDC powered
  • Includes Alkimiya Power Edition instrument design software with Wave One device support

Full specifications will be available closer to product launch.